Summer photography

Towards the end of the summer, I decided to take some pretty model pictures of my completed silk collection. As we were in early autumn, it was hard to expect flowering trees. I chose one of my favorite little villages, Nagykovácsi, because of its cozy little houses. The model is […]


Only one deep breath is enough for me to finally feel that spring is here, that fine tingling in every fibre of my body. This is my favorite season, not too cold and not too hot. I call it “rain of spring” when the little leaves of flowers are blowing […]


If you’ve ever had the chance to touch real silk, you know what a magical feeling it is; the softness, and the fine material that can either cool you down or warm you up. It is not a coincidence that even the greatest fashion designers love to use natural materials, […]


Thes custom collections were made for an exhibition and for a photoshoot. I have used minerals like coral, onix, bred pearls, silver sea creatures when making the collections. I strive to use natural materials only to decorate the jewels. Thes photos were taken at the Hungarian Railway Museum, for the custom […]