Only one deep breath is enough for me to finally feel that spring is here, that fine tingling in every fibre of my body. This is my favorite season, not too cold and not too hot. I call it "rain of spring" when the little leaves of flowers are blowing in the wind. The feast of the colors is amazing! We finally put the coats in the wardrobe and our clothes are getting more and more colorful.
I - being a goldsmith-, never would have thought that I'd fell into silk painting, even though I've felt attracted to dresses - as a simple way of self expression. Not sure you've noticed that on some days women dress up in similar colors. Interestingly, they somehow match the energies of the Sun that day. Az we undestand, every color has a frequency and also a "hot" or "cold" feeling that we associate them with. Either we add or take energy. A curious example is that one of my dear customers bought a silk scarf simply because their children often suffered form throat infection, and they were only willing to fall asleep with those around their necks. Anyway, the colors we wear reflect our state of mind. But how can be ourselves in clothing when fashion and trends may be telling us otherwise. When all you want is to wear loose-fit pants but the current trend is slim-fit... and shops only sell those. If yellow is the new trend, it's all you gonna find even though you want green...                                                                                                                                                   ekszersal2   Usually i strive for single color design, because a carefully chosen accessory will not only elevate the overall look of a simple dress, but you can also achieve a whole new effect. You don't need to buy new things every time, a well picked high quality SILK SCARF with a matching bag or a pair of shoes will be just enough.
If I wear a scarf, what happens when i take it off? Do i wear a necklace as well? This is where the idea of combining the two came from, what would it be like? I have my beautiful jewels that i make with my own hands - of a paste with low hardening temperature, - and I can mix any colors I want. I just paint the beautiful 90x160 cm sized silk canvas and attach a little chain of jewels to it, and what I have is a JEWEL SCARF!
This chain is both a jewel and a scarf at the same time. The scarf will not slip off my shoulder, and I can wear it on my shoulders as well. This accessory is really dressing you up! If you prefer, you can detach the chain. You don't have to browse the shops for new stuff, just suprise yourself with a gorgeous SILK SCARF!  
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