Towards the end of the summer, I decided to take some pretty model pictures of my completed silk collection. As we were in early autumn, it was hard to expect flowering trees. I chose one of my favorite little villages, Nagykovácsi, because of its cozy little houses.

The model is standing in front of beautiful little houses, wearing a hand-painted rose-patterned silk skirt

The next scene in the photo shoot was on a small green field in front of a leafy, almost exotic tree. I had the feeling that we were on an Asian site with rich vegetation.

The pictures speak for themselves ! Here the dragonflies could fly!

floating silk scarf

the pink and red scarf, with the matching cloth, looked great in front of the burgundy leaves….

this field was full of glamorous meadow flowers… they were really kindly reflecting on the silk skirt and shawl

this beautiful set consists of crinkled silk skirts and scarf adorned with jewelry beads.

we are still around Nagykovácsi, we see a light silk blouse on a bright yellow flower background.

a fairy stepping on the flower field in a blue iris dress with a iris scarf on her shoulder…

We discovered the fascinating richness of the landscapes of our country as we took the shots at the locations and I think the pure natural brilliance of the silk was only highlighted by these wonderful locations.

The photos were taken by Adam Schilling.
The sets were completed with jewelery by glass artist Kata Simon.

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