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Welcome to my site and my webshop! I’m Magdolna Császár, a Budapest-based goldsmith and silk painter artist. My work is inspired by many things; people I met while traveling, ancient cultures, even a book I read, a beautiful piece of music or a movie. I am an avid dancer, especially tango, so some of my collections were inspired by those experiences. Silk painting is a true love of mine because silk is amazing... as the fine but strong fibers of silk are being harvested from the cocoon and then turning into this unmistakable cloth. I prepare the silk on a frame and my imagination becomes reality on the white material. Colors have always influenced me - mixing them and watching the overall result -, hence silk painting is so dear to my heart as I can immerse in colors. All products are being made with special care, custom design and are exclusively hand-made. Goldsmith works, different techniques of silk painting: wax, [batik] [akvarell] [kontúrozós] I love to experiment with the different outcomes of different techniques. I do not only make silk scarfs and kerchiefs, but silk dresses for special occasions, blouses, skirts and also male accessories, for example ties. When designing a custom piece, I use different type of materials that give the final product a unique look. The silver and other metals, wood, certain plant-based materials, bivalves, snails, minerals, as well as murano glass beads and textiles are originated from around the world, my work was featured at several fairs: in Milan, London, Vienna, Germany and of course Hungary. I’m a permanent participant at the Budapest Spring Festival, the Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square and the Festival of Folk Arts in the Buda Castle.

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